Free Presets for Lightroom and Camera Raw

Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

PixProbe LR Presets contains 50 different presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

50 presets for every type of photography

Once installed, presets may be applied with a single click, but make sure to adjust exposure after the preset has been applied, because every photo is unique and may require a specific exposure adjustment


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Bianco & Nero



Autumn – Gold

Autumn – Overexposed

Autumn – Red

Blue And Magenta

Blue Hour – City Lights

Blue Hour – Soft Magenta

HDR – 01

HDR – 02

HDR – 03

Milky Way

Landscape – Autumn

Landscape – HDR

Landscape Twilight – 01

Landscape Twilight – 02

Landscape Twilight – 03

Landscape Twilight – 04

Landscape Twilight – 05

Night Lights

Night Soft

Night TO

80’s Grunge

Summer IR

Summer Noon

Tint – Blue Bright

Tint – Blue Dark

Tint – Cyan

Tint – Purple

British Fall

Cyan Dream

Fashion Dream

Fashion Gold

Greenish Gold

Natural Blondie

Orange Demotion

Peachy Light

Pink Dream

Punchy Decadence

Soft Shabby

BW – 01 – Red

BW – 02 – Orange

BW – 03 – Yellow

BW – 04 – Green

BW – 05 – Aqua

BW – 06 – Blue

BW – 07 – Purple

BW – 08 – Magenta

BW – Landscape – 01

BW – Portrait – 01

BW – Portrait – 02

BW – Portrait – 03



Compatible with Windows and Mac both 32bit and 64bit

Compatible with CPU Apple Silicon M1

Compatible both for RAW and JPG

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC (all versions) Adobe Lightroom Classic (since version 5) and Adobe Camera Raw (since version 10.3)


How to install presets

Download the ZIP file

Extract the content in a new folder

Copy the folderin the following path
 Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRawSettings\
 MAC: USERNAME\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Camera RawSettings

Start Lightroom or Camera Raw and enjoy the presets

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