Black and White Panel

Black and White Panel


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Turn your black and white photographs into true Fine Art works!


With the new BLACK AND WHITE panel you will have complete control of the creative process of converting your photographs to black and white.

Thanks to the presence of the ZONE SYSTEM and SLIDERS you will be able to customize the contrasts in a very precise way.

See the panel in action!

Zone System

The ZONE SYSTEM section, inspired by the famous Ansel Adams, is dedicated to the visual subdivision of the various brightness zones of the image.

11-zone histogram

Individual zone selection

Multiple zone selection

Thanks to the READ ZONES button it will be possible to update the histogram of the 11 brightness zones.

By clicking on the numbered buttons below the histogram, a selection will be created for that specific brightness area.

By pressing the CTRL key on Windows or CMD key on MAC, it will be possible to select multiple zones, even if they are not adjacent.

Black and White Conversion

In the BLACK AND WHITE CONVERSION area you can quickly choose the parameters for converting the image to black and white.

Black and white filter


Dynamic contrast for highlights, midtones and shadows

Black and white contrast


Color toning

With the slider dedicated to the BLACK AND WHITE FILTER you can select the starting point for converting the image to black and white.

Thanks to the contrast sliders, it will be possible to intervene precisely on the management of: exposure, lights, midtones, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity.

Finally, with the two sliders dedicated to toning, you can customize your conversion to black and white thanks to a color appearance that recalls some particular effect of the films and developments of the past.

Get Inspired!

The section GET INSPIRED! it is particularly dedicated to those looking for creative inspiration.


Black and white filter

Channel mixker


By clicking on I’M FEELING LUCKY! a set of specific corrections for the conversion to black and white will be generated in a random but controlled manner.

By using this function several times, you will be able to discover interesting conversions that can be the basis for further corrective and finalization effects.

Thanks to LIBRARIES in Adobe Photoshop you can save the most interesting combinations for future use on other images.

BEWARE: this section is addictive!

Dodge & Burn

The quick buttons dedicated to the DODGE & BURN allow you to quickly access your favorite modes of emphasizing colors or three-dimensionality, to enhance your creative taste.

Dodge & Burn

Contrast enhancement

Emphasis of colors

SOFT LIGHT: allows you to apply a delicate effect.

OVERLAY: has a stronger effect.

MULTIPLY: can be used to provide depth and volume.

SCREEN: works very well for emphasizing lights.


In the FINALIZATION section you will find some commands useful to apply the final corrections to the photographs.


Camera Raw



The EXTRACTOR allows you to extract details and textures from images.

Features like GRAIN and VIGNETTING are perfect to give a vintage effect on your black and white photos.



Compatible with Windows and Mac both 32bit and 64bit

Compatible with CPU Apple Silicon M1 only under Rosetta

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above

NOT COMPATIBLE with Adobe Lightroom, Affinity or any Adobe Photoshop version below CC 2015.5


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