Color Grading

Color Grading Plugin

Make your photos unique by using our dedicated tools to creative colors correction.


COLOR GRADING plugin is dedicated to who is looking for advanced tools to perform color correction.

Take a look at the plugin in action!

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Color Zone Mapping


Color map of 11 luminosity zones

Color palette reading on open image

Luminosity analysis

By using the dedicated PALETTE button, you will be able to read the image histogram in 11 different zones and map for each zone the average color.

Color Grading Zones


Analyze the image by using the different zones

Quickly apply color grading on specific zone

Perform color Dodge & Burn

By clicking Brush icon you can quickly select the color to perform a creative Dodge & Burn.

By clicking Layers icon you can quickly apply a color grading on the specific zone.

Color Theory


Color Theory

Color Grading

Color Mood

With the COLOR WHEEL you can easily check the relation between colors by using some of the principal rules of natural color harmony.

By clicking on the BRUSH icon, you can instantly set the chosen color as foreground color to perform a creative Dodge & Burn.

By clicking on the LAYERS icon, you can apply the chosen color directly on the selected luminosity zone.

Color Control






You can quickly set NUMERIC VALUES to get the maximum precision on your colors!

Get Inspired!


Gradient map


Selective color

Color balance

Channel mixer

By clicking on GET INSPIRED! a set of specific corrections for color grading will be generated in a random but controlled manner.

By using this function several times, you will be able to discover interesting color combinations that can be the basis for further corrective and finalization effects.

Thanks to LIBRARIES in Adobe Photoshop you can save the most interesting combinations for future use on other images.

BEWARE: this section is addictive!

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