Export Panel

Export Panel


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Export your images with one click


The new version of the EXPORT panel offers the maximum customization to the export process of your images.

Thanks to the introduction of PRESETS it will be possible to create different predefined settings in order to get the right format and size of your images in just two clicks.

With the possibility to collapse the panel, you can minimize the size of the panel, showing only the commands necessary to quickly export the images.


The brand new PRESETS management in the export panel allows a high level of customization of formats and settings.

Presets customization

Simplified export

Workflow speed up

The convenient FILE INFO area allows you to quickly monitor the size of the image.

Thanks to the step by step approach it is possible to choose whether to carry out a simple RESIZE or directly export the image by saving it to a specific folder with the desired settings.

Destination & Naming

The area dedicated to DESTINATION & NAMING allows you to define precisely not only the destination folder, but also any preferences for renaming the file with prefixes and extensions.

Custom export

Destination folder

Advanced renaming

ICC Profile

In the ICC Profile section it is possible to quickly change the color profile of the image before exporting.

Color profile management

Image optimization for web

Image optimization for print

Thanks to the intuitive presets in the OPTIMIZE section, you can choose the desired profile with just one click.

Size & Finalizzation Profile

In the SIZE & FINALIZATION it is possible to choose various settings related to image resizing.

Advanced scaling

Details optimization

Optimized glow effect

The various choices in the FIT area allow you to precisely define how resizing and any crop should be carried out.

Improve the quality of the details after resizing by customizing the settings in the DETAILS section. You may also refine the adjustments in the highlights and shadows separately.

Finally, the GLOW function allows you to define an additional correction on the diffusion of light, applied directly to the final image.

Watermark & Frame

Watermark and frame can be activated and customized in the new WATERMARK & FRAME panel


Image signature


Thanks to the section dedicated to WATERMARK it is possible to manage the settings and presets related to the watermark.

With just a few clicks you can save in a preset all the watermark settings in terms of position, size and transparency.

In the FRAME section you can select any border to add to the image, particularly useful for printing or specific images.

File Format

The FILE FORMAT section allows you to quickly choose the settings of the final file, in terms of quality or size.

File type

Image quality

Size limit

Resize & Export

Finally, RESIZE & EXPORT buttons allow you to apply the desired settings and export the image.

Optimized scaling and resizing

Optimized export

One-click resize and export

RESIZE: creates a new image with the desired size, without saving the file to disk (thus allowing further customization before proceeding with the export).

EXPORT: saves the current image, with the destination and format settings, to the specified folder.

RESIZE & EXPORT: performs both the resize and the export operations.



Compatible with Windows and Mac both 32bit and 64bit

Compatible with CPU Apple Silicon M1 only under Rosetta

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above

NOT COMPATIBLE with Adobe Lightroom, Affinity or any Adobe Photoshop version below CC 2015.5


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