Export Plugin

Export your images with the right format in one click


EXPORT plugin is a very compact module that offers a great set of customization to quickly export your images with the right format and settings.

Check the plugin in action!




Custom presets

Simplified export

Guided workflow

By using Presets you will always get the perfect format and size for every specific usage (website, social network, fine art print, etc.).

Automatic Renaming


Custom renaming

Advanced renaming

Quickly add a Prefix to your filenames to differentiate the specific formats.

You can use Suffix to append technical information such as dimension and color profile.

Image Size


Smart resize

Custom resize

Different base unit for web and print

With the intuitive SIDE parameter you can quickly switch among the different tipe for resizing images.

Format & Quality


Select the file type among JPG, PNG and TIFF

Select quality and compression

In the Format & Quality section, you can customize the type and quality of the exported file.

ICC Profile and Details


Color profile management

Web optimization

Fine Art Print

With ICC section you will always have the right profile for every usage, from web to fine art print.

In Details section you can adjust the level of sharpening for the final image.



Frame switch

Frame color

Frame size

By using the Frame section, you can add an elegant passepartout to your exported images.

Resize and Save


Optimized resize

Optimized export

Resize and export workflow

Resize button will duplicate and resize current image in a new document, without saving the file to disk (yet!), so you can finetune other aspects before exporting the image.

Usm button will apply Unsharp Mask filter to enhance the details of your image.

Shrp button will apply Smart Sharpen to further enhance the details of the exported image.

WM button will open other settings to customize the watermark.

Save button will export the image by saving it to disk into the desired folder.



Watermark preset

Customize WM

Insert WM

In the WM section you can manage all watermark preset. With few mouse clicks you can quickly select your watermark and customize the various options.

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