Tonality Masks Panel

Tonality Masks Panel


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Innovative selection system based on SPECTRUM and IRIS for fast and precise masks based on brightness or color


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The new quick selection system based on colors saturation or vibrance

Luminosity masks

Tonality masks

Color masks

Saturation masks

Vibrance masks

Math operations between masks

Color sampler

Chromatic range

A concentrate of innovation without equal.

You will be able to get perfect masks based on saturation or vibrance.


The beating heart of Tonality Masks Panel V7

Luminosity masks

Tonality masks

Color masks

Additions between masks

Subtractions between masks

Intersections between masks

Color sampler

Chromatic range

You will be able to obtain perfect masks based on brightness, hue and color in just a few simple clicks.

Furthermore, the masks can be optimized through addition, subtraction and intersection operations and refined with the very precise REFINE tool.


With the CLASSIC panel, it will be possible to use the traditional functions to create masks directly on the channels.

Luminosity masks

Tonality masks

Classic approach to masking

Thanks to the masking buttons it will be possible to quickly access the desired mask based on brightness and tone.


In all modes SPECTRUM, IRIS and CLASSIC, thanks to the REFINE section it is possible to customize your mask in just a few clicks.

Masks refine

Adjustment layers

Dodge & Burn

With the various quick access buttons it will be possible to apply the desired adjustment directly on the selected mask.

The DODGE & BURN tools will allow to refine with the brush contrast and details of your images.


The SETTINGS section contains details about your license and also some customizations of the panel.

Language selection

Refine settings

Automatic layers rename

Marching ants hiding

Other features are still in development stage and will be released with future updates.



Compatible with Windows and Mac both 32bit and 64bit

Compatible with CPU Apple Silicon M1 only under Rosetta

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above

NOT COMPATIBLE with Adobe Lightroom, Affinity or any Adobe Photoshop version below CC 2015.5


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