Landscape Panel

Landscape Panel


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Tools to master the photographic development process for landscape photography.


The LANDSCAPE panel is dedicated to managing the landscape photographer’s workflow.

Thanks to the PRESETS in many functions of the panel, it will be possible to enhance your personal style in just a few clicks.

See the panel in action!


BLENDING section is dedicated to the merging of multiple shots.

Manual blending

Automatic blending


Long exposure simulation


Noise reduction stacking

The BLENDING & HDR panel allows you to merge bracketed images and extend the dynamic range in just a few clicks.

Thanks to LONG EXPOSURE automation you can simulate a long EXPOSURE in just a few steps by merging several images taken with shorter exposure time.

With the STARTRAIL button, starting from a series of special night shots, it will be possible to generate the startrail effect.


In the CORRECTIONS section there are tools to make basic corrections of the images.

Hot pixels removal

Camera Raw quick access

Frequency separation

Automatic white balance

Advanced white balance

Reduce shadows color cast

You can remove the HOT PIXELS with a simple click or make a precise white point balance.

Furthermore, with the FREQUENCY SEPARATION function you can easily make corrections on the different image detail frequencies.

Color Toning

The COLOR TONING section allows you to customize tones and colors.

Advanced HSL correction

Advanced correction of warm/cold tones

Color contrast correction

Thanks to the HSL panel it is possible to work precisely on the highlights, midtones and shadows of the individual color channels.

With the TONE control you can customize the entire chromatic range of warm and cold tones quickly and easily.


CONTRAST is the section dedicated to enhancing the contrasts of your images.

Details enhancement

Black and white conversion

Dark mood

The EXTRACTOR allows you to extract details and textures from images, working separately on the highlights and shadows areas.

MOOD allows you to work on specific color and brightness frequencies in just a few steps to create impactful images, especially in black and white.

Dodge & Burn

The quick buttons dedicated to the DODGE & BURN allow you to quickly access your favorite modes of emphasizing colors or three-dimensionality, to enhance your creative taste.

Dodge & Burn

Contrast enhancement

Emphasis of colors

SOFT LIGHT: allows you to apply a delicate effect.

OVERLAY: has a stronger effect.

MULTIPLY: can be used to provide depth and volume.

SCREEN: works very well for emphasizing lights.

Light Simulation

For the more creative, the brand new LIGHT SIMULATION section allows you to create very realistic simulations of light points.

Realistic light simulation

Light point and gradient simulation

Simulation of light rays

Thanks to the customization settings and the directional buttons, it will be really easy to enhance even the flattest images!


EFFECTS is the section that contains some of the distinctive elements of the Landscape Panel.

Glow effect

Orton effect


The very powerful GLOW & ORTON panel, contains three different features.

1. GLOW: to enhance the diffusion of light and refine its tone

2. ORTON: to introduce a "mystical" and surreal effect in your photos

3. ORTON PRO: which adds to the ORTON function the possibility of working separately on lights and shadows

Thanks to the flexibility of the PRESETS, each of the three panels allows you to easily apply your favorite effect.

Finally, the VIGNETTE button allows you to quickly and efficiently apply a vignette effect.


The NOISE section contains all the tools for noise reduction.

Luminance noise reduction

Color noise reduction

Banding correction

LUMINANCE and CHROMINANCE allow in a few simple steps to reduce noise both in terms of luminance and color.

MEDIAN to optimize noise management in a more strong way.

BANDING to add random neutral noise to correct annoying banding issue in some areas.


DETAILS is the section dedicated to sharpen and detail management

Three-dimensional and volume enhancement

Detail enhancement


Thanks to the specific functions it will be possible to intervene precisely on the individual aspects of sharpness.

HI PASS and EDGE CONTRAST allow you to enhance the edges and contrast variations.

UNSHARP MASK and SHARPEN allow you to control not only fine details, but also the volume and three-dimensionality of the image.

User Actions

In the USER ACTIONS section you can add your own custom actions.

Customizable actions

Workflow optimization

Quick access

If you want to add a personal touch to your workflow, all you have to do is add your favorite actions directly to this section of the panel, so that you can manage the entire workflow only through the LANDSCAPE PANEL.



Compatible with Windows and Mac both 32bit and 64bit

Compatible with CPU Apple Silicon M1 only under Rosetta

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above

NOT COMPATIBLE with Adobe Lightroom, Affinity or any Adobe Photoshop version below CC 2015.5


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